Custom Jewelry made here in our store.

With four generations of experience, our artists and jewelers will guide you through the process of creating the jewelry of your dreams. We are dedicated to fine craftsmanship, artistry and innovation, and are passionate for perfection.

Custom Jewelry Design

We are dedicated to fine craftsmanship, artistry and innovation. Detailed sketches, 3D CAD images and wax models are just a few of the techniques we use to help you visualize your new ring. Combine the use of modern tools and time honored traditions of hand crafting fine jewelry one piece at a time, we strive to make each piece exceptional. Let us help you design your own piece of wearable art while creating memories that will last forever.

Design Consultation

This service is absolutely free of charge and is of no obligation, we want your consultation to be relaxing and inspiring.

Get Started

Custom Design Process


After your free custom design consultation, we can give you an initial price estimate and  begin by sketching a few different design ideas for you to see. Our sketch artist has worked with many excited customers, just you like, in designing beautiful new pieces of jewelry. We are able to incorporate your family stones and metal to create a new piece of jewelry suited for generations to come.


Once you approve the design sketch, our award winning custom designer will create a 3D model of your new piece of jewelry. Having an enlarged 3D model allows you to have confidence in your design and visually see each requested element. There will be no additional charges for changes made during the CAD process as long as we are working on the original project without adding gemstones or materials.


We then email you a link to a website (made specifically for you) that will show you a realistic rendering of your design before the piece is even created. You can view them from your computer, tablet, or phone. During this step we encourage your feedback regarding any changes or additions you would like to see. After you receive renderings please contact us with any questions or changes that you would like.


The next step in the custom process is where we “print” a full-size wax version of your piece of jewelry. With our high precision printer, we can offer more design possibilities and higher quality jewelry production. If you would like to see the wax prototype before we cast it, you are welcome to stop by for viewing. This helps our visual customers know the exact detail and dimensions of the design.


Next the wax is placed in a flask and plaster is poured all around it. When the plaster hardens an exact impression of the model is formed inside the flask. The wax model is then burned out, and molten metal is injected. Once the metals cools and hardens, the plaster is broken away revealing the un-finished jewelry casting. The casting is filed, polished, and prepped for assembly. Then the stones (if there are any) are set and the piece is completed.