Women’s Wedding Bands

Ladies, it’s all about you on your special day. We would love to help you feel even more special on such a perfect day with a sparkling wedding band presented to you by the man of your dreams.

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Men’s Wedding Bands

We have an abundant selection of rings for the guy who has to see it all, or for the guy who doesn’t like choices we can show you just a few favorites. Here at David Douglas Diamonds we are experts in Guy Friendly.

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Wedding Bands

Let’s be honest, on the surface a ring is just cold metal and hard rocks.. But the meaning and story behind a wedding band is much more; it’s a symbol of love and loyalty to each other as you move on to that next chapter in your lives.

This is why we’ve partnered with only a few specific vendors who source their material proudly and completely ethically to ensure a standard of quality you can be proud to wear and own. Knowing your wedding band was designed and made here in the United States of America has become a passion of ours and it is something we would like to share with you for generations to come.

We are in the business of earning your trust for a lifetime.

The Price is the Price

There’s no need to lie to you and have our jewelry priced higher only so we can discount it in front of you. Our prices are already tailored to fit your budget and you can feel confident that what you see is what you are going to get.

No haggling required.

Jewelry Financing

Custom Shadow Band

Not every wedding band will fit your engagement ring exactly how you would like and so that’s where we can help. We can design a custom shadow band that will fit tight and follow the curves of  your engagement ring perfectly.

We can show you computerized images of how your new ring will look up next to your current engagement ring which completely eliminates the “Guess Work” from Custom Jewelry. Now you can feel comfortable in knowing exactly what you are going to receive.

Personalize Your Ring

Put a bird on it…. or, you know, a special date or meaningful phrase – whatever is trending. Our engravers are here to assist you with adding in that perfect inscription to your bands that will set them apart from the rest.

Can we make you a Custom Shadow Band for your engagement ring?