Coffee Addicts

Doug & Joseph are fanatics when it comes to coffee! Between the two of them, they consume about three full pots a day. Anything they can do to keep that dreaded caffeine deficiency headache away.

Doug Meadows

Doug loves a good cup of coffee. To help him achieve the best possible cup of rich, creamy, bold and delicious coffee he bought a SCAA Certified Coffee Maker. The Specialty Coffee Association of America has very strict guidelines as to what a home coffee brewer should be.

Joseph Meadows

Joseph also loves a good cup of coffee. He wanted a steaming hot cup of coffee brewed and ready for him when he woke up so he needed a coffee machine with a timer function. He also wanted a thermal carafe to keep the coffee hot so he could  brew a full pot during the day and bring it with him in his car while he runs his weekend errands. A rather common occurrence for him.

“Those travel mugs just don’t hold enough coffee for me.”