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Jewelry Service & Repair

At David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry, you can trust that you are buying from a reputable, family-owned jeweler with a long history in your community. In the jewelry industry, our accreditations and longevity demonstrate that we hold ourselves to the highest standards and values in all business interactions. We’ve been a Marietta, Ga. Jewelry Store for over 10 years and are constantly growing and getting more involved. Known for our professional and knowledgeable staffDavid Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry offers a wide array of services to meet your needs…

Fine Jewelry Repair

On-Site Jeweler


If you have jewelry that is in need of repair, our on-site jeweler provides all phases of jewelry repair. No job is too big or too small. We offer competitive pricing and reasonable turn-around time on repairs, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Same day service is also available. From total restoration and re-creation to ring sizing and soldering, we service fine jewelry purchased anywhere.

Custom Jewelry Design

From Simple to Complex


We are dedicated to fine craftsmanship, artistry and innovation. Detailed sketches, 3D CAD images and wax models are just a few of the techniques we use to help you visualize your new ring. Combine the use of modern tools and time honored traditions of hand crafting fine jewelry one piece at a time, we strive to make each piece exceptional. Let us help you design your own piece of wearable art while creating memories that will last forever.

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Fine Jewelry Appraisals

On-Site Appraiser


At David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry, when you bring in your jewelry, we can inspect each piece and give you a verbal evaluation. If you need a complete written insurance appraisal, our team of highly trained gemologists can help!

Official appraisals are completed in-house by our GIA Graduate Gemologists. The appraisal certifies and authenticity and integrity of your jewelry and provides color photographs and detailed information about the type, quality and replacement value of specific components of your jewelry.

Ear Piercing

Reliable and Professional


Piercing your ears is a big decision, and we’re happy you chose us. With 12 styles in stock to choose from, earring prices range from $20 – $45, plus a $25 sitting fee. The $25 sitting fee covers the preparation  piercing and includes a bottle of ear care antiseptic.

We use pre-packaged, pre-sterilized earrings – we never use needles. You’ll receive a bottle of ear care antiseptic as we recommend daily cleaning for the first six weeks. After six weeks the piercing earrings can be removed and replaced with earrings of your choice.

Watch Battery Replacement

Starting at $15


At David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry, we understand that you depend on your watch for accurate time. We assure you that only trained professionals will be servicing your watch. We stock an extensive array of watch batteries and offer “while-you-wait” watch battery replacement service, which includes a one-year battery replacement warranty.

Pearl Restringing

Cleaning Included


Did you know that your strand of pearls should be restrung at least once every two year? Bring your pearls into David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry–we can restring them, clean them, and make them look like new! We can also restring your beaded jewelry.

Chances are that if you have an older strand of pearls, they need to be restrung for safety and enhanced beauty. We offer custom pearl stringing and design, working with all types of pearls and beads.

Cleaning & Inspection

While You Wait


All jewelry requires some maintenance and care, that’s why we recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. Jewelry cleaning and inspection is a complimentary service at David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry, done professionally while you wait. This service can help prevent lost stones and insecure mountings, allowing our professional jewelers to check for problems as they restore lost sparkle and luster to your favorite rings. Feel free to stop by at any time to give your jewelry a nice new sparkle.

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