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At David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry we only provide our customers with Charles & Colvard moissanites, the original creator of the moissanite gemstone.

Forever One Moissanite

Forever One is the epitome of created moissanite. Charles & Colvard ensures that no matter what Forever One grade you choose, your stone will be more brilliant than any other gemstone.


Moissanite Stones

At David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry we specialize in loose moissanite gemstones. We stock both, Colorless & Near Colorless, Forever One color grades as well as an abundant selection of different shapes for you to compare.

A Cut Above the Rest

In the best interest of our customers, we hold each Charles & Colvard moissanite to a high standard of excellence. If a particular C&C moissanite does not meet this standard it is returned to be sold elsewhere. We truly strive to be “A Cut Above the Rest.”

In-Store Selection

Come in to the David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry showroom where any of our trained members can show you our abundant moissanite inventory. No appointment necessary.

Please refer to the Charles & Colvard website for moissanite pricing.

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What is it?

The Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite is formed from a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide. It is then cut and polished to maximize its brilliance.

David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry Warranty

Along with the Charles & Colvard Limited Warranty, we provide our customers with a lifetime warranty on their moissanite gemstone jewelry.

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