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Coffee Addicts

Doug & Joseph are fanatics when it comes to coffee! Between the two of them, they consume about three full pots a day. Anything they can do to keep that dreaded caffeine deficiency headache away.



Doug Meadows

Doug loves a good cup of coffee. To help him achieve the best possible cup of rich, creamy, bold and delicious coffee he bought a SCAA Certified Coffee Maker. The Specialty Coffee Association of America has very strict guidelines as to what a home coffee brewer should be.


Doug currently owns the Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffe Maker and loves it! This machine brews the coffee at a perfect 200 – 205 degrees and uses a dispersion brew head for even coffee ground saturation. Total coffee geek stuff.


Joseph Meadows

Joseph also loves a good cup of coffee. He wanted a steaming hot cup of coffee brewed and ready for him when he woke up so he needed a coffee machine with a timer function. He also wanted a thermal carafe to keep the coffee hot so he could  brew a full pot during the day and bring it with him in his car while he runs his weekend errands. A rather common occurrence for him. “Those travel mugs just don’t hold enough coffee for me.”


Joseph currently owns the Zojirushi Fresh Brew Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker EC-BD15 and loves it! This machine also brews the coffee at a perfect 200 – 205 with a pause-and-serve feature and electric timer and clock function. It also uses a dispersion brew head for even coffee ground saturation.



Joseph will also use his Bodum CHAMBORD Coffee Press for special occasions. Just make sure you have a liquid thermometer to gauge the temperature of the water. When you’re grinding your beans, grind them much courser than if you’re grinding for a coffee machine. You definitely don’t want to be sipping on coffee grounds that slipped through the meshing filter.


When he wants to get really REALLY crazy, he’ll use his Bodum PEBO Vacuum coffee maker. This method of coffee brewing extracts all the precious oils of your favorite coffee leaving you with the smoothest coffee you’ve ever had. The brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee with each brew.

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